Three Easy-to-Use Apps for Labeling


Originally designed to mark up images, Skitch offers users a simple set of tools and colors for easy labeling.  Recently, our newcomers tried out Skitch to label photos of real-life objects found in the classroom.  After introducing new school-themed vocabulary with picture/word cards from our English Now! curriculum, I arranged a couple of scenes displaying classroom objects — pencils, stapler, scissors, etc.  Students snapped pictures of the scene with their iPads and imported the photos to Skitch (photos can be taken within the app as well.)  Using the picture/word cards for spelling support, students were able to independently label each object in the picture, then upload their final projects to Seesaw to share with others.  From there, some chose to record their voices reading each label.

MOMA Art Lab + Skitch

We’ve also used Skitch to label pictures created in other apps, like MOMA Art Lab.  During our House unit, newcomers drew houses in the Art Lab app, saved them to the camera roll then imported the images to Skitch for labeling.

Pic Collage for Kids

Labeling is one of the many uses for Pic Collage, a kid favorite for creating posters, poems and more.  Our newest students used it to label pictures of real-life objects found at home.  As an extension of our English Now! House unit, I brought in plates, mugs, glasses, silverware, etc. to correspond with our vocabulary list.  Students took pictures of each object then labeled them in Pic Collage using the vocabulary cards for spelling support.


Sticky is a free and easy app for creating pages full of sticky notes organized in notebooks.  The free version allows you to create up to two notebooks, with endless pages in each book.  Anything you can do with real sticky notes you can do in the app, and more.  A double tap on the page opens a menu with four choices — either create a sticky note with text, take a photo, add an image from the camera roll or search and add pictures from the web.  Students can change sticky note colors, font styles and colors, and page backgrounds.  They can slide notes around the page and expand or shrink them.  With a press-and-hold gesture individual pages can easily be saved to the camera roll or shared out to other apps, including Seesaw.  Our newcomers recently used Sticky to sort and label new school-themed vocabulary.

Sticky for sorting by initial sounds and labeling new vocabulary