Building Community with Pic Collage for Kids

Kids love this app.  It’s a simple collage-making app that can be used for many projects or publications.  Users create visually striking posters with varied layouts, interesting backgrounds, web pictures or photos, and text with fun fonts. It has endless uses in education.

Earlier this year we used it to build community as 4th and 5th graders started working in small language development groups.  After sharing student samples from past years, I asked students to begin thinking about their own identities using a simple framework — what they love, hate, fear and hope for.  They shared orally with their groups then drafted sloppy copies on paper templates before publishing illustrated versions on Pic Collage.

We took a step further by uploading the final collages to Seesaw.  Once there, students recorded themselves reading their pieces.  I enabled students to view each others’ work (a setting change in Seesaw), to “like” and make comments so they could get to know kids in other groups, classes and grades.  For this publication we decided to also make printed color copies for a hall display and to eventually send home with kids.








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