FullSizeRender(2)I am an ELL teacher and former technology integration specialist working in an urban public school district in the Midwest.  I’ve taught all grades in K-6 and even high school years ago.  My students have come from many parts of the globe with extremely diverse language and learning needs.  Currently, I work with grades 4 & 5 in a community school with a large population of newly arrived students and families, many of whom are just beginning to learn English.

For the past several years I’ve worked to integrate technology whenever possible, and now more than ever —  every student in my district will soon have an iPad.  This blog is a place to jot and share my ideas for engaging students with mobile technology in hopes of accelerating their language learning.  My primary focus with iPad use will be on productive language — speaking and writing.  I love creation apps that allow students to speak and hear their own voices, write and publish to the world, and create striking images to convey their thinking.

I hope the real-life examples shared here might help others generate new ideas for using technology within their own classrooms or learning communities.





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