“I can retell a story”…using Adobe Voice

Henry and Mudge get the Cold ShiversFor the past few days students have been using Adobe Voice to retell stories.  With super simple record, playback and re-record features, Adobe Voice creates an easy way for students to independently practice speaking a language, at any grade or level.  This lesson was  done with level 2/3* students in grade four.

We read Henry and Mudge get the Cold Shivers by Cynthia Rylant.  Starting with a group picture walk through the book, we talked about the sequence of events, noting characters and their thoughts and actions.  As we paged through, I introduced a handful of new vocabulary words then jotted them on a white board for future word work.  I also introduced transition words and phrases as an added language objective and encouraged students to use them in the retelling.  We read the book together then took turns practicing retelling the story using picture cues, teacher support and help from each other.

Retell Chart

After practicing in a small group, students opened their iPads and began individual speaking practice on Adobe Voice.  For support, they added two visual cues on each slide — an image and a key word from our list.  The images came from corresponding illustrations in the book — they took pictures of the pictures.  Then, after practicing aloud once more, to themselves, to a partner or with me, they retold the whole story slide by slide.

Being able to quickly hear and re-record their voices kept students engaged and motivated.  The instant feedback prompted them to reflect on pronunciation and word order, ask questions, make small changes and keep practicing.  Once students felt successful in their retell, they saved the videos and uploaded them to their Seesaw portfolios.  Check out a sample of one student’s work.

* Level 2/3 as determined by the WIDA ACCESS for ELLs assessment